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Shandong branch of the Party branch actively organized volunteers to participate in voluntary blood donation activities

2017-01-22 15:47:38 Read

    In September 26, 2016, should be high tech Industrial Development Zone, Zibo City Committee of the organization of each enterprise employees to actively participate in blood donation activities on Shandong, the branches of the group to the general staff issued a donation proposal. After the initiative issued, the majority of the company's staff to respond positively, enthusiastic registration. The picture below is September 30, 2016, in the Zibo High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the torch square donation site, branch staff actively cooperate with the staff to conduct physical examination and laboratory, carefully fill in the voluntary blood donation registration form. Both the old employees to donate blood, also have for the first time to participate in blood donation of new employees, especially the Communist Party member Comrade Wang Shujie accumulated blood donation 10 times, is our model for the majority of employees, set up a good example for us. We are able to participate in the activities of the love and feel proud and willing to use their little bit of blood, to express love, dedication. This activity, full of sense of social responsibility of Shandong science group and dedication, not only contribute to the healthy development of the cause of blood donation, for the society and establish a good image of Shandong science group played an exemplary role.